Worship on Wednesday

WOW at 10:30am

WoW is primarily Bible study and discussion, enjoying digging into scripture. We meet at 10:30am for about an hour. 

We use song, prayer and Biblical exploration to help all who worship to expand and deepen their understanding and knowledge of God. Those who act as guides through the worship bring their own unique gifts and graces to the role. The variety of their input and insights are a blessing to all.

WOW is worship centred on God - it is not just a Bible study. It is a journey of faith, an exploration of Scripture as we go forward
together, with each other and with God.

Discussion is encouraged and often lively. Each person’s contribution is equally valid and valued. We learn from and about each other. More importantly, we learn more of our awesome God. His constant presence in life, here and now.

Sharing refreshments gives a great opportunity to chat and build friendships.