Connect Groups

Sharing life and faith

We believe that faith is best lived out with others and so encourage individuals to join a small group. Methodism has repeatedly affirmed the way in which small groups can enrich an individual’s faith.

We call our groups, “Connect groups”. They vary in style and approach, but all aim to build each other up.

We hope that reading through the descriptions below will help you choose a group to try out. Someone on the leadership team would also be happy to help you choose one to try.

Once you’ve chosen a group you'd like to try out, contact us ( and we’ll link you up with the group leader. 

Worship On Wednesday

Leader: Peter Manning

Where: Romsey Methodist Church hall

When: Wednesday 10:30am, for about an hour

What: Primarily Bible study and discussion, enjoying digging into scripture. We use various leaders from within the group, following a theme or book of the Bible for a few weeks. Prayer, singing, worship, and fellowship are an integral part of WOW.

Thursday Afternoon Fellowship

Leader: Irene Bourne

Where: Romsey Methodist Church hall

When: Thursday 2:30pm, for about an hour

What: TAFs is an ecumenical group who meet to listen to good speakers on a wide range of interesting subjects. 

Ideas Exchange

Leader: Meghan Elkin

Where: The Exchange, Romsey

When: Thursday every few weeks from 8-9pm

What: This is a women’s small group. At each session we have a couple of discussion starter questions related to faith to exchange ideas about. We also have time to chat and get to know each other better. While some of the discussion prompts are ideas about the Bible, this is not a Bible study group. Contact us to find out the date of the next session. 

Breakfast with God

Leader: Pete Manning

Where: the restaurant at Bradbeers

When: one Saturday morning a month (9am)

What: a chance to eat together and reflect on faith. We’ll explore current topics or use kick-starter questions to spark our conversation. Contact us to find out the date of the next session.