Children's Sunday sessions

Most week's children attend part of the main service before going for their own session in the hall. On the second Sunday of the month, children attend Funday Sunday. And around once a month we have an All-In service. 

COGs (Children Of God)

We use movement, music and our voices to learn about a different Bible story or topic each week. We try not to sit still for very long! Each session includes a craft and time to play. The session will include a small snack, so please let one of the leaders know if your child has any allergies.

The sessions are currently more focused on pre-school and lower primary age. But we’re sure those in upper primary would still enjoy getting involved and we can adjust some of the activities. Due to the music, movement and play options, these sessions are also great for babies and toddlers.

Parents/carers are welcome to attend and join in with their children or they can attend the main service. This may be especially useful if you child is unsure about joining in while you’re in the main service. For non-moving babies, we ask that a parent/carer stays throughout the session. A parent/carer must stay on site.

All-In services

All-In services are based around crafts and activities which will make it particularly suitable for children and their families. In these services, the children don't have a separate COGs session in the hall.