Isaiah 40

The nature of God

28th May 2024

For June and most of July we're going to be studying Isaiah 40 in our 10:30 service.

We haven't focused on a single passage of scripture in this way for a long time. So we're excited to really get stuck in and see what we can learn about God's nature from this passage. We hope you enjoy it!

The weekly themes for this series are below. 

2nd June Su Parsons An introduction: The context of Isaiah 40
9th June Peter Castle God brings comfort (verses 1-2)
16th June Rev Kate Cambridge God changes the landscape (verses 3-5)
23rd June Mark Tizzard God endures (verses 6-8)
30th June Sandra Timms God is a mighty sovereign and a tender shepherd (verses 9-11)
7th July Marion Carter God is unfathomable but knowable (verses 12-17)
14th July Rev Peter Rayson God is incomparable (verses 18-26)
21st July Jason Elkin God is our strength and motion (verses 27-31)