Lent theme

Love Unleashed

Heart balloons going into the sky

10th February 2024

We're pleased to announce this year's theme for lent - "Love Unleashed".

Many people still 'give up' something for lent - may be it's chocolate, or social media. This lent we'll be reflecting on what Jesus gave up and what we're called to give up. Then on Easter as people enjoy taking up things again, we think about Jesus' call to 'Take up life'.

Date Preacher Theme Bible verse (provisional)

18th Feb

Tim Searle

Love Unleashed: Giving up control

Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7; Matthew 4:1-11

25th Feb

Kate Cambridge

Love Unleashed: Giving up expectations

Genesis 12:1-4a; John 3:1-17

3rd Mar

Jason Elkin

Love Unleashed: Giving up superiority

John 4:5-42

10th Mar

Kate Cambridge

Love Unleashed: Giving up enemies

Luke 19:37-44

17th Mar

John Evans

Love Unleashed: Giving up our lives

Jeremiah 31:31-34, John 12: 20-33

24th Mar

Peter Castle

Love Unleashed: Giving up popularity

Matthew 21:1-11

31st Mar

Gareth Hill

Love Unleashed: Taking up life

John 10: 17-18, Acts 10:34-43


We also have some additional activities for Holy Week: 

28th Mar, 7pm Maundy Thursday service

29th Mar, 9am Good Friday breakfast and sensory experience

29th Mar, 11am Traditional Good Friday service