Get your lent bag

5th March 2022

The 6 Sundays before Easter mark Lent. In each service we have a short reflection and prayer which we call a lent liturgy. This year's has been written by Irene who says:

"I’m sure that in almost all of our homes we celebrated Christmas by putting a place aside for a Christmas tree. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, at the beginning of Lent we set aside a place in our homes to remind us of Christ life, his death, and his resurrection."

To help us make this place, we are using a Lenten Bag. Each Sunday the liturgy reflection will focus on one of the items in the bag.

Bags will be available at the Sunday service. You can also pick one up at the Beacon Cafe on Wednesday afternoon (2-4pm) or Friday morning (10am-12pm). If you can't get to the church, but are local to Romsey, please email us (info@romseymethodist.church) with your name and address and we will organise one to be delivered.