New year, new theme

Faith on the Frontline

30th December 2022

We're starting the new year with a new theme "Faith on the Frontline". This is an exciting theme to help us think about how we live for Jesus to those around us.

Our current plan for topics is below but may change a bit as the theme develops. Each week we hope to have a short interview with someone about their own faith on their frontline - we're looking forward to hearing these experiences and stories!

For small groups, we'd really recommend the 'Life on the Frontline' materials. We'll be using the the service on the 29th January to pick-up some of this content. So groups may choose to dive straight in or wait until after that service.

1 Jan - Gareth
Faith on the Frontline - Serving
Verse: 1 Peter 4:10

8 Jan - Brian and Fay
Faith on the Frontline - Caring
Verse: Luke 4:18

15 Jan - Gareth
Faith on the Frontline - teaching
Verse: Proverbs 22:6

22 Jan - Sam
Faith on the Frontline - healing
Verse: Luke 9:6

29 Jan - Worship group led cafe service
Faith on the Frontline - for us

5 Feb - Gareth
Faith on the Frontline - the world
Verse: 1 Chronicles 29:11